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Analysis:  The first step is to conduct an in-depth analysis from a high level overview to key item detail with the goal of creating an “opportunity gap” action plan for key item development

Trend: We present trends and demographic behaviors to support this analysis

Project Management:  We set out a timeline for sourcing, product development, packaging development and procurement

•Sourcing: We match the project to the most qualified manufacturer.  We have a stable of over 250 (and growing) carefully vetted and reliable global manufacturers with vast proprietary program experience

•Product Development Flexibility: We work with both retail and food service formats across fresh, frozen and shelf stable platforms

Packaging Design: We evaluate the manufacturer’s capabilities and formats to design unique packaging that fits our client's branding goals.  Our team interacts directly with the manufacturer to get all the details right

Recipe and Flavor Development: We work with both the retailer and the manufacturer to execute the desired flavor result, taking into consideration safe and efficient manufacturing needs 

•Compliance: Making certain that the nutritional facts are accurate and all label details are in the accepted FDA formatting

•Logistics: We have the ability to organize the most efficient transportation to get containers to the designated drop off location

•PO Management: Follow up on PO's, discrepancy tracking, shipping efficiencies


•Unique and differentiated products that become destination businesses

•Proprietary formulations with improved margins vs. major brands

•Streamlined supply chain = faster to market

•Responsiveness to customer interests and food trends

•Comprehensive solution that complements current assortment and business strategy

•The building of YOUR brand vs major CPG brand

•Your customer wins with better products at better prices = loyalty

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